Northwestern Territories Business Immigration

The business immigration of Northwestern Territories is divided into two parts:

  1. Entrepreneur Business
  2. Self-employed Business

Entrepreneur Business

Meant for entrepreneurs and/or owner/operators of businesses who wish to immigrate to the NWT and establish business operations in the territory.

Priority is given to businesses that involve the introduction of a product that is new to the NWT or generate significant profits for the territory.

A business plan is a must.

The applicant must invest a minimum of $300,000 into starting or buying a business in Yellowknife and a minimum of $150,000 into starting or buying a business outside of Yellowknife.

Personal net worth of the applicant: At least $500,000 if starting or buying a business in Yellowknife and At least $250,000 if starting of buying a business outside of Yellowknife.

Settlement Funds: $75,000

The applicant must hold sufficient knowledge and understanding of the NWT and its economy and possess the necessary education and experience to implement the business plan.

Self-Employed Business

Meant for professionals who can provide an in-demand service in the NWT, by establishing business outlets or professional practices.

The profession practiced by the applicant must have been identified as having a skills shortage.

The applicant must meet certification or accreditation requirements, if needed.

If the applicant occupation is a regulated one, he/she must meet all NWT and/or Canadian requirements.

The applicant must hold the required communication skills for the province and a knowledge and understanding of the NWT and its economy.

The applicant must have enough financial resources to start and operate the practice as well as to support themselves and their dependents for a period of six months.

The applicant must submit a detailed business plan.

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About us

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