The government of Canada has updated its Citizenship Act with effect from June 11, 2015. The following changes are reflected in the updated act:

Residence Physical presence for four years out of six years
Time as Non-PR Is not considered for PR application
Intent to Reside provision Compulsory
Language Requirements Everybody aged between 14 and 64 years must meet the language requirements and pass the knowledge test
Lost Canadians If they were born before 1947, citizenship is extended to them and their 1st generation children born abroad
Criminal Record People with criminal record of domestic criminal charges as well as charges of crimes committed abroad are prohibited from obtaining citizenship
Consultants ICCRC is the new regulatory body for citizenship consultants and only authorized consultants can provide consultancy services. Fine or penalty for fraud could cost up to a maximum of $100,000 and/or up to 5 years in prison
Final Decision for citizenship revocation Lies in the hands of the MCI and for crime related issues, in the hands of the Federal Court
Citizenship grant A single-step, fast and non-redundant process
Armed Forces Citizenship process is fast-tracked for people serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as recognition for their service
Canadian Income Taxes Adult applicants are required to file them if required under the Income Tax Act
Authority to Revoke Canadian Citizenship In case of dual citizens who are members of an armed forces group that is in conflict with Canada, dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism, treason and spying, permanent residents who are members of an armed forces group convicted of terrorism, treason and spying and is in conflict with Canada
Misrepresentation In this situation, applicants can be refused for citizenship and barred from getting one for five years
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