I moved from United Kingdom to Vancouver and I was looking for an honest and reliable company to help me in my Permanent Residency application process. I am glad my friend recommended Elite Overseas Immigration Services and now I am a permanent resident with their support and guidance.
Hardeep Singh Sidhu
I have been in Canada for Years and ever since I met Ashish, he has been my consultant help. Specially, in times of trouble. He has been parient enough to guide me until I am able to get my Permanent Residence and I am more than happy to say that my family will be with me soon.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and please continue to help others to fulfill their dreams, just like mine.
Fe Trecia Maclang
Thank you Mr Ashish and Elite overseas staff for all your guidance and support to help me and my wife for getting the permanent residency in Canada. It was an excellent professional client service experience starting from my BC PNP application, helping me and my wife to be together in Canada within 4 months after wedding by getting  work permit for my wife  and also saving our precious time in life by including my wife in the ongoing pr application. During the whole process, Ashish and his staff was very proactive, quickly reachable and supportive. I am happy to recommend Elite overseas immigration to anyone who need the immigration service.
Praveen Nair & Deena Soman
I had a great experience with Ashish and his team .The process went very smooth and efficient.Thank you for helping me with my Permanent Residency.
Aleks Ponomarev
Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work for my permanent residency.
Unyime Umoyoh
It was pleasure to work with Elite Overseas Immigration. They were available on every step of the way to my Permanent Residency and I never had to worry about any problems. You are amazing people with fantastic knowledge of immigration procedures. I will recommend you further and will keep you in mind for any future immigration related business.Thank you!
Irina Gaisenok
From start to finish, Ashish was professional, encouraging and diligent with my application. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with their immigration papers.
B. Batricevic
I hired Elite Overseas just few months before my Post graduate work permit expiry .I was in great stress but i am so thankful that not only got my work permit extension but later on my Permanent Residency as well with their expert guidance.It was simply not possible for me without their help.
Jagdeep Khangura
Ashish & Elite Oversease was our life saver when we thought all doors were shutting on us. Ashish, we can never thank you enough for all the work you have done for us along the way in fulfilling our dream of becoming Permanent Residents of Canada.
Our utmost gratitude for your patience and standing beside us through all our stress and anxiety, even if it would wake you up in the middle of the nights. :) :) :) :) You were not only our consultant, but also our friend, guide and an advisor for any immigration related & unrelated matters.
Love all of you guys @ Elite Overseas.
Kamrun Dalia & Anisul Hoque
Very pleased I chose to go with Elite Overseas Services Ltd. for my Permanent Residency. The best part about working with Ashish Chadha is that I always felt that he was just an email away and I never had to send a reminder for anything to him. No matter how long my emails or how repetitive my questions were, Ashish always answered them with patience and kindness. He was wonderful, helping me throughout this process. I highly recommend using Elite Overseas Services Ltd., their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!
Tanya Sehgal
Big thanks to Elite Overseas Services and mr. Ashish Chadha in particular for the help and guidance on the way to becoming permanent resident. With their help I was able to go through quick and efficient process of getting my permanent residency even though I thought that all hope was lost due to the immigration program I was aiming for being shut indefinitely by CIC at that time. Mr. Ashish Chadha and his team were able to advice, guide and give a little push to me when needed throughout the whole process accommodating my work and life schedule and respecting my time. Would recommend to a friend at first opportunity.
I would like to thank Mr Ashish Chadha and his whole team for supporting me in  getting my PR. He and his team are highly professional and patient in answering all the questions and queries at any time of the day. All my doubts were cleared along the way and was advised what was best for me. I being a last minute person, Ashish sir made sure everything was done on time and made the whole process seem easy. I would definitely recommend Elite Overseas Services LTD. Thank you sir for making me feel as family and encouraging along the way.
Thank you!
Arshi Mangat
Ashish has been one of the few individuals I have met who is passionate, dedicated and very patient in his line of work. Obtaining my study permit was proving to be a challenge but Ashish was determined and very encouraging throughout the process. His professional guidance and vision helped me obtain my study permit. I look forward to pursuing my higher education in Vancouver shortly! Much praises to him and I would definitely recommend him.  Thank you once again, I received my passport and visa today! :)
Natasha D'Souza
I was extremely disheartened when I saw the refusal letter from CIC for my work permit, partly because I had never heard of such a situation before and partly because I was not ready to leave Canada yet.  I turned to Elite Immigration because I knew if there's anyone who can get my permit approved is Mr. Ashish Chadha. His knowledge about workings of CIC and all immigration rules is just top notch!  I would highly recommend Elite Immigration to anyone who is facing issues with any kind of immigration matters. Service is courteous and professional. Employees are very approachable. Most of all, you can trust them to get the job done.  I know who I'll go to for my PR application now :)
Big thanks to Mr. Ashish Chadha and Elite Overseas Service for providing me the consultancy and guidance throughout the process of getting studt permit. I would highly recommend Elite Overseas Services to those who need professional services for immigration purposes. My experience was EXCELLENT with this team and would like to give 5 start rating.
Karandeep Singh
We would like to thanks Ashish for working hard for my spouse paperwork and it's because his dedication towards his work that we are together here.

I highly recommend Elite immigration services.
Abhi and Noopur
So I graduated from a really good visual effects school in vancouver but unfortunately all the private school work permits were getting rejected. Some of my friends went back but I kept on trying & trying then one of my friend told me about ashish chadha as he helped him in getting his work permit aswell. I got in touch with Ashish & he was very professional about how we are about to address this situation as my work permit also got rejected the first time when I applied online after graduation.

He made a really strong case, he took his time & filed for the case & after a very hard time in canada I finally got my work permit. All thanks to Ashish as I cant be more greatful for it.
Sujoy Dey
We are greatly thankful to Elite Overseas for the help and guidance they provided with filing our immigration papers. They were there to help and answer all our questions and inquiries anytime even after the process was complete. They took the stress and burden of our shoulders. Thank you Ashish and Elite Overseas.
Raman and Aliya
Big Thanks to Mr. Ashish Chadha and Elite Overseas Services for providing the consultancy and guidance throughout the process of getting Permanent Residency. I would highly recommend Elite Overseas Services to those who need professional services for immigration puropses. My experience was excellent with this team, and would like to give them a five star rating!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ashish Chadha and Elite Overseas Services LTD for all there hard work and support in getting my Permanent Resident of Canada status. They were there for me in every step of the way. You can rely on Elite Overseas LTS and they will do everything in their power for a favourable outcome. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
Rajender Singh
Hello, my name is Li. My wife and I just got our Permanent Residency recently. Thanks for the great service from Ashish and his team, although the processing time was boring, with theor confidential and professional help, we made it anyway. I highly recommend elite overseas immigration service for those who wish to come to wirk, study and live in Canada. Ashish and his team will help you to make your dream come true.

Thanks for the professional guidance and support for my Permanent Residency. I am very much pleased to recommend your services to my friends also.


A very big thanks to Mr. Ashish Chadha and Elite overseas staff for getting me and my wife together in Canada. Ashish has been very professional, supportive and patient through the whole spouse work permit and on going PR process. Immigration was a complex process specially with my wife being in India and me in a different city in Canada than Ashish's office. Ashish broke it down into a much more simple and easy to follow process and was always available through different means of communication( Skype, phone, email, text, call ). It took only 5 months after my wedding that my wife got her work permit and I was thrilled that she got her visa in just 2 months from the day we submitted the application. He assisted us through all our doubts and questions very professionally and efficiently. Currently Ashish is helping me with the PNP/ Express Entry process and I have never ever stepped in his office once and still the process is buttery smooth. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who needs his services. He helped us, reach closer to our dream of living in Canada together.

Simranjit Mann

Dear Ashish,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you deeply for making our dreams came to reality. To become a permanent resident here in Canada.The rest of our family are really happy that we found a person who is righteous, willingly and capable to process our papers to be a permanent resident here and that is you Mr Ashish Chadha. You are a good man. We know that you will help more and more people to achieve their ambitions too. Once again, we are extending our utmost appreciation for assistance you accorded to us. God Bless to your company.

Irene Placente

Thanks for my Permanent Residency!

Kumail Mohammad

A big thanks to Elite Immigration and Mr. Ashish through their efficient and effective service, my family became Permanent Residents of this great country, Canada.

Dr. Afzalur Rahman

Dear Ahsish bhai,
Thank you so much for all the guidance and efforts to get the Permanent Residency of the Canada for me and my wife. It was great experience for us to work with you. We wish you all the success for all your future endeavours.

Harsh Patel

I would like to thank Elite Overseas Services for all their hard work and support. They were there when it was needed and anticipated every possible move.
You can rely on Elite Overseas Services and trust me, they will do anything it takes to help you as much as they can!
Thank you all again!


Hi! I am Haider Imtiaz and I applied for study permit from Pakistan through Elite Overseas. They really helped me a lot in the process and I recommend everyone to trust them for their services.

Haider Imtiaz

My husband and I were very happy with the service we received from Ashish Chadha at Elite Immigration.
He was very knowledgeable, helpful and kind in our process of navigating the immigration system.
He was always very attentive and willing to meet with us and give us his time and worked hard to make sure that all of our paperwork was put together smoothly and seamlessly. We really can't thank him enough and couldn't have done it without him.
Much gratitude to Ashish and his team.

Angie & Nakul Dey

I would like to thank Elite Overseas Services and personally Ashish for helping me in getting Permanent Residency status in Canada. It was a long road but it totally worth it.
I do recommend their services.


Thank you very much for helping my Common Law Partner Sussanne in immigrating from Switzerland and in becoming Permanent Resident of Canada. It was not an easy case and we both appreciate the way you passionately overcome all the challenges.
Well done and all the best.

Rolf Walitza

Thank you for my Permanent Residency!

Abhishek Verma

I am very happy today that I received my landing papers for Permanent Residency for me and my family in Nepal. I highly recommend Mr. Ashish & his team for his services.

Ranjendra Shreshtra

Thank you very much for all the support and assistance provided by you from the start of the procedure till the day I got my Student Visa for Canada. You have truly inspired me to apply for Canada Student Visa with sincerity and dedication. Preparing file was a huge task for me which you did so simply and nicely. It was really good to have regular updates from your side, and providing needed information timely. Again, thanks so much for the Visa assistance, I really appreciate all services provided by you throughout this visa process.

Ravin Maan

"I was pretty confused when I saw all the rules of Alberta PNP. Finding no other way I contacted Mr. Ashish Chadha whi then started working on my case. And to my utmost surprise my AINP application got nomination within only 7 days.

I am very much thankful to him for his diligence and patience.

Varun Mohan

"I contacted Mr. Ashish just 3 days before my post graduation work permit was about to expire. He has not only helped me in gettting back my work permit status but also helped me getting the approval of my BC PIMP nomination. I strongly appreciate his endeavours in watthing out for his clients."

Redwanur Rahman

"It was always my dream to work and live in Canada. I was working as an Architect in Ludhiana, India. To materialize my dream I applied for Canadian Permanent Residency under Federal Skilled Worker Category with the help of Mr. Ashish Chadha which got an approval.

So now I am a proud permanent resident of Canada and very much grateful to Mr. Ashish Chadha.

Seemu Midha

Elite Overseas Immigration Services LTD.) ASHISH CHADHA shows respect and passion for his profession. He does not make promises. He explains the law and the processing, what can be done, your options, and his opinion, and then he lets you decide. If you hire him, he does his job. Simple.

Nawshed Ali

I am very very thankful to Elite Overseas Services Ltd. Finally, I have received my BC PNP through EOSL. It was really a challenging job for Ashish Chadha. He worked so hard for processing my case. When I was completely disappointed, he showed me hope and right direction. This is also remarkable that with the low cost I extended my work permit under LMO which is really hard to get in Canada, and got my PNP approval with so many challenging issues.

Jocelyn Lao, Philippines

It is not easy for everybody to come to a new country as an immigrant. If you face any type of immigration related complications, your worries will be multiplied and can lead to great anxiety. If you can find someone to offer you advice and guidance, this person can be a pathfinder for the rest of your life. There are many Immigration Consultant out there but among them, for me, ASHISH CHADHA is the best. He is someone who really works for you with all of his heart.

Rhea Razon