Ontario Provincial Nominee Program for International Graduates

Ontario is the most conveniently located Canadian Province touching Hudson Bay on the North and U.S. on the South. Among all other things, the capital of Ontario, Toronto, is well-known for its 553m CN Tower and 400-acer High Park. Ottawa, its National Capital is known for its Art Gallery displaying innumerable and brilliant works of art. Ontario has a climate that varies due to seasons and locations.

Ontario is the most multi-cultural Province of Canada and a prosperous land of bright opportunities. More than half of Canada’s new immigrants make Ontario their home. Thus, to fulfill the purpose of selecting and keeping the best of work-force for Ontario, it has initiated the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

Mentioned here are the specifications of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program for International Graduates:

Education Requirements:

  • You should have completed at least half your studies from Canada.
  • You must have graduated or will be graduating from a registered Canadian college or University.
  • You should have a minimum of a two-year diploma or degree program certificate while studying full-time.
  • If you have at least a one-year post-graduate or certificate program credit which requires a previous degree or diploma then also you are eligible.

Job Requirements:

  • The job should be listed in a managerial, professional or skilled trades occupation (NOC 0, A or B).
  • The job may or may not be related to your field of study.
  • It must be a permanent and full-time job.
  • The remuneration should meet the standard entry level wage for that occupation.

Processing Time:

Please see the CIC website for information about processing time.

A fee of $1500 will be charged.

Nomination Quota:
Ontario has a target nomination of 5200 in 2015.