Why working in small towns is sometimes good for applying for immigration
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Most people are attracted towards the posh and larger towns of Canada while applying for immigration. The old adage goes, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ so also all that is gold does not necessarily glitter! Choosing to live in a small town while applying for immigration has its own benefits. Some of them are:

1. Plenty of jobs

Small towns often face a shortage of workers and hence have higher vacancies. Getting a job in a small town is a cake walk compared to getting one in a big town. As an immigrant, this would be an excellent opportunity to not only move to Canada but also grab a job in Canada.

2. Good remuneration

People often believe in the myth that small towns exhibit a poor remuneration. However, this might not be so true. Many a time, small towns are known to provide higher salaries than the big towns.

3. Easy on the pocket

It goes without saying that most essential commodities like groceries, food items, clothes, etc. are much cheaper in the small towns than in the big towns. Even housing and accommodation are way much cheaper than that in the big towns.

4. Get into the good books of the government

This might come as a little surprise, but the government often favours immigration applicants from small towns over the big towns. Think about how this could expedite the immigration process and help immigrants in getting a permanent residence!

5. LMIA option in case work permit is expiring

All we know that getting an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is like chewing iron nails and so, despite having good qualifications, they have to stop working in case their work permit is expiring. But what most immigrants do not know is that getting an LMIA in small towns for Employers is comparative easy than big cities which not only enables them to extend their work permit but help them in getting 600 extra points for Federal Express Entry stream.

6. Enjoy the countryside

Though this reason might seem a little dull among the other five reasons, it still holds the key to good health. The rivers and other water bodies, the hills and mountains, the breathtaking landscapes and vast forests, the greenery and shrubbery, of the countryside, lead to a peaceful mind and a healthier body. Imagine how much that can help you to be more productive at your workplace and earn more!