Why Prince George, BC region is not able to retain Immigrants in the last few years?

on 24 March 2016

Prince George is situated in the heart of British Columbia, 775 Kms North of Vancouver. Prince Georgians assure it is actually a part of Northern BC which is still a debatable issue even it is characterized as Gateway to the North. The City is unfortunately known for its strong smell of pulp fibers that comes from mills sharing “The Bowl” at the convergence of the Nechako and Fraser river valleys and “The Bowl” is home to the majority of city’s population but the City is struggling towards “big”, but inelegantly bearing the duel problem of industrial development and organized crime.

In the past 1 1/2 decade, the region has witnessed decline in Forestry Industry and population and thus, the employment trends marked a significant distancing from forestry, fishing, mining and oil and gas works due to wide range of reasons and factors, thus, depleting 40% jobs whereas the City once famous exclusively as a forestry center and thus, the immigrants who used to settle in search of good wages are compelled to move towards manufacturing fields of Southern BC for stability.

The City is dependent on the livelihood which is composed of contractual workers and kind and nature of work compels and allows comfortably for the contractors to move anywhere but the population cannot move with the same pace and speed.

The work and demands of consumption in the area is now greatly interconnected with the global economic factors for instance the local manufacturer is quick to move for labor if outside global factors are favorable and in the same manner the local population is quick to buy products from global market because of better inter connectivity and awareness at lightning speed but this relation is only “one way” making the area more vulnerable to uncertainties and instability.

“Feeling Home” never come to many of the immigrants and many of them feel like looked upon as an alien in the City. Lack of cultural activities as those in Vancouver or big metropolitan cities of Southern BC, all drives of few hours for recreation lands in bushes only, uncomfortable acceptance by original Natives, non-responsive attitude of employers when the immigrants are identified as new, exploitation of immigrants by employers when the immigrants are identified as contained by elements of fewer of opportunities and choices, are also some of main factors due to which the many of immigrants have plans in mind to leave the City in near future.

Prince George has finished with the highest crime score among Canada’s 100 large cities. The City is marred with sophisticated gang and thuggish violence as the City is identified as new profit center for drug dealers and organized crimes. The immigrants feel less safety especially for their kids and / or their housewives. The Crime Prevention Projects do take time and the immigrants are more vulnerable to be a victim of crime than locals.

In order to retain immigrants, the drug and gang related crimes be checked as has been done in the past in case of Vancouver or some other big cities through sophisticated coordination. The concern of Police of lenient sentence for drug related crimes be addressed in a phased manner specially in the cities such as Prince George which are labelled as highest scored crimes city.