Why Practical Nursing program launched by Thompson Rivers University is a great option for international students?

on 17 March 2016

Practically the countries are divided into two spheres one being developed is dependent on the other for health care services providers resulting in win-win situations for both. Practical Nursing provides students with skills and theory to practice in acute care, intermediate care, continuing care, extended care and community care in healthcare services.

  • Minimal Educational Requirement: PN Program requires Education Requirement of Post-Secondary examination within last 5 years;
  • Ladder to BSc. Nursing: PN Program is also a ladder to BSc. Nursing for aspirants who have opted science stream in Post-Secondary;
  • Special Admission Status: PN Program has provision of “Special Admission Status” consideration in admission to aspirants who have previous training and / or experience in Nursing;
  • Broad Range of Areas to work: PN Program provides opportunities in a broad range of areas for employment and advancement which is beyond the scope of normal imagination. Key areas, but not limited to, are Provincial Health Services, Acute Care Hospitals, Continuing Care Facilities, Community Care Agencies, Health Department in Large Organizations, Primary Care Clinics, Schools, Group Homes and above these the opportunity to work independently or members of a Health Care Team;
  • Best Remunerations: PN Program of just two years yield best Remunerations which, surprisingly, goes to minimum 28 CAD per hour in some areas;
  • Vice Versa Impact: PN Program has unique positive impact on employment and remunerations in all circumstances and in all spheres. For e.g. Sparsely Populated areas are marred by less Licensed Practical Nurses and Densely Populated areas struggle for better ratio vis-a-vis Population- Nurses proportions.
  • Growth Oriented: PN Program yield in Licensed Practical Nursing career which has upside growth in employment opportunities for the last five years in almost all the regions and the forecast is also positive;
  • Vacuum Compensation: PN Program yield in Licensed Practical Nursing career which has unique potential of requirement of immediate and urgent compensation for the vacuum created by leaving / retiring of existing health care nurses;
  • Increasing Dependency: With growing concerns for productivity of person in almost all spheres of life especially employment directly linked with financial compensation, attracts larger and ever growing dependency on Practical Nursing for health related issues in person, community or enterprises level.
  • Greater Working Flexibility: PN Program yield in Licensed Practical Nursing career which provides greater flexibility for working such as Night Shift, Weekends and Holidays for opted / selective areas.
  • Advancement: PN Program give opportunity to become credentialed in certain areas and / or become charged nurse to supervise other nurses and further study after due experience provide opportunity to become Associate of Nursing.
  • Thomson Rivers University factor: The university having history of 35 years for providing nursing education with unique opportunity for fresh aspirants, re-entrants and those who having completed as the University provides continuing education courses for fresh, re-entry Certificate Courses for those who are away from the field for a long period of time and a Masters’ of Science in Nursing for advancement and having reputation of fully preparing competent practitioners.
  • Boon for Immigration: PN Program gives opportunity for study as well as post study employment with immediate effect and hence, it is prime attraction for the Immigration seeking persons across the globe on the basis of study permit.