How Site C Dam will create more opportunities for Immigrants and International Graduates in Fort St. John?

on 17 March 2016

The Site-C Dam is the most expensive and largest industrial project for clean energy ever planned for British Columbia. As the natural resources sector is witnessing difficult times, the project will create and provide attractive opportunities for job-seekers as well as business and is started with the main aim of providing long term clean energy solutions for ever growing population and economy of British Columbia. Following are the few out of numerous factors favoring Fort St. John from International Graduates and Immigration point of view:

  • The project of size costing estimated $ 9 billion spanning over eight years of construction for all stages has potential of creation 10000 person-years of direct employment for the construction and 30000 person-years of overall employment for all stages to complete. The attendance of above 5000 for employment on job fairs and about 740 of business participants signifies the economic boost which, mainly Fort St. John, out of total eight key area, has already started to experience and reap benefits which is forecasted to remain intact up to 2024 starting from July, 2015. The composition project includes Civil Work at main site, Road improvement, Worker accommodations, Site Preparation for North and South Bank of main site.
  • The project is a boon to International Students and Immigrants as the project winning bidders have commitment as well as obligation to hire local British Columbians and most of the winning bidders have proven track record of hiring locals and the prevailing figures already touch 75% of local residents. The initial hiring of 600 which gradually touch 1500 in peak of 2018 is the fact attracting attentions of job-seekers, International Students and potential Immigrants.
  • The winning bidders of Site-C Dam project giving Fort St. John additional benefits for hosting the dam which includes affordable housing, airport shuttle, funding for additional police officers and additional $ 1 million every year and the project has unique element of legally-binding dispute resolution option for future disagreement giving rise to ultimate scope of stability. The project has also cascading effect for additional employment opportunities for instance work on planning has begun to manage and spend $ 200000 to replace recreation facilities lost to Site-C dam and the project with potential of providing clean energy to 4,50,00 houses for the next 100 years will provide significant business opportunities of all sizes resulting in positive cascading effect on job / employment market.
  • The Site-C dam has potential of definite Increased Revenue Growth and Economic Activity. First of all, the construction will increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the province, the provincial government will get grants-in-lieu, school taxes, annual water rental payments, tax revenues during constructions which in turn most likely to increase economic activities as the Provincial Government, in turn, has obligations to spend their revenues and incomes for the local population.
  • The winning bidders are investing on different Skills and Trades training program to encourage hiring locally and setting aside large chunks of their investments for instance investment of $1 million to Northern Light College for skills and training to their students, setting up of counselling center to help students transition into trades and skills training, investment of $ 175000 for various pre-apprenticeship programs.
  • The construction and operation of Site-C will provide new and expanded re-creational facilities such as new boat launch sites, viewpoints of dam sites, docks and day use areas at various different sites, building a shoreline walking trail, new shoreline recreation areas, Peace River and dam reservoir Navigation plans. All these operations will result in greater economic and employment opportunities.