Why 2016 Immigration plan is a good opportunity for Permanent Residence seekers?

on 17 March 2016

The New Liberal Government has identified Immigration plans as key driving force for Growth and Prosperity of Canada and hence the plans and priorities of Citizenship and Immigration Canada outlines target admission for overall and per immigration Category. Canada is all set to attract immigrants and further, ensuring their success in Canadian Labor Market and integration smoothly in Canadian society. 2016 looks to be a good year in Immigration history of Canada as the Govt. has unveiled a Liberal Plan for the same which it claims that their grounded new plan is in line with their traditional values of welcoming and generous Canadian society.

  • The increase of 20000 new Permanent Residents for consecutive second year means an addition of 40000 new Permanent Residents from 2014 and overall growth of approx. 15%, touching record high of 305000 in 2016 and is highest projected levels in decades. The increase outlines a significant shift of Canadian Government policy toward family unification mostly to spouses and children, and protecting refuges or those in dire need.
  • The increase has come at a cost to Permanent Resident seekers in economic category i.e. International Students and Skilled Workers which sees a slight decrease in their chunk but the promises and plans to remove short comings of Express Entry and to invest whooping amounts and greater resources in achieving processing time efficiency has also brought cheers to economic class category who has witnessed wait for months and months for invitation in 2015. No doubts, overall it is a zero-sum game as the significant increase in refuges is negated with reducing spaces for economic category but the government has also left spaces for trade-offs (reversals).
  • In the economic category which is main concern for International Students and Skilled Workers, the dissection of minute details reveals positive aspect also as the main reduction is witnessed in Business - which is halved and Caregivers Immigration Program - which witness 1/3 reduction in spaces leaving main attraction of High Skilled, Provincial Nominee, Quebec Skilled Worker as unchanged or intact. In the worthwhile to notice that the abundance of improvements for Spouse Sponsorship and reunification of families is also in some way bring cheers to economic category.
  • The Permanent Resident seekers will reap benefits from efforts of the Government by doubling the budget for family class to reduce processing time, doubling the numbers of new applications allowed each year, providing additional points to applicants with Canadian siblings and ensuring efficient processing time, restoring and reducing dependency age from 19 to 22 and worth noting and attentional capturing fact of granting immediate permanent residency to new spouses entering Canada instead of previous two-year conditional status removing vulnerability to women. The Government has targeted to increase the contribution of Permanent Residents towards Canadian society by family reunification as it has identified that the person can grow, achieve and contribute more when the persons live within the family.
  • The experts have forwarded their expertise views that it is mainly the tax paying contribution of economic category of permanent residents and International Students who are already settled in Canadian society, adjusted to Canadian values and understanding at least one Canadian language that can compensate the burden of inflow of doubled refuge seekers in Canada. There is growing pressure on Government from notable Immigration Lawyers and Expertise to grant equal opportunity to International Students, Skilled Workers, Family Members and Refugees.